Popular Casinos Around the Globe

When you are on a trip to a different country, the first thing the men folk would expect to have in the name of entertainment is a visit to a casino. The casino is a specific spot for gambling

activities. It is a licensed place where gambling activities are carried on and it is a great way to spend time profitably. Again profit or an earning is not a definite thing here and none of

casinos promise to help the gamblers with a decent profit every day. Though the gambler is offered a lot of option to play and try earning an income, the assurance or the probability of

winning and taking money back home is a highly questionable one. That being said, we also life by just gambling and visiting the casinos. Some of the records are still unbroken.

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The Venetian Macao – this is one very famous casino in the world and is in china. It is a huge casino which has space not just for gambling but also is a huge and very popular hotel with luxury rooms for all its guests and visitors. It is a must visit for all the ardent gamblers for they will enjoy a huge variety here with unimaginable earnings and jackpots. All the gamblers visiting this casino will definitely enjoy gambling to the maximum and since it also offers other facilities like eateries, relaxing lounges etc, it is a definite entertainment spot for the entire family.Foxwoods Resort Casino – the name itself is self-explanatory which says that it is not just a casino but an entertainment spot for the entire family.

Casinos and gambling are of course the main activity here with close to 400 gaming tables that offer all different types of games like Blackjack, Roulette etc… Apart from this, they also have close to 6300 slot machines offering an opportunity to more than 7000 players at a time. Though it is considered a resort too, the major purpose or goal of this establishment is to encourage gambling and to entice and encourage the gamblers to play all the casinos games. As said above, since it is not a space just for the gambler, the family of the gambler also gets to enjoy here with the two-storey arcade that has been specifically designed for the youngsters.

MGM Grand Casino

this casino is in the city of Las Vegas, which is a name that is well connected with gambling and presence of casinos. This is considered one very important and popular city for the casinos.

It offers the largest gaming area which measures close to 171500 sq.ft and almost all the gambling games are present here and the gambler is definite to have a good time playing all the games.

There are close to 139 tables offering poker and other games. And there are close to 2500 slot machines.Slot machines are probably one of the most popularly played games in a casino and this is one common game seen played by

the first timers and the beginners for this is very simple and there are many offers given in return to the players. There are also other entertaining and relishing factors inside the gaming area like beverages and yummy food served by the employed hosts.

Bellagio – this is another very famous casino in Las Vegas and is owned by the MGM Resorts. This is an exclusive spot for gambling and the major attraction of this place is the fountain that has been featured in many Bollywood movies. This casino is mainly known for the poker games being played here and the poker rooms are called `the office`. Many professional players visit this casino for the high limits offered by the poker games. This means that the returns if there are any, would also be more and exotic.

Rio All Suite And casino – this is another very notable and well-known casinos in the Las Vegas. As the name suggests, all the rooms offered by this hotel to its gamblers are all suites and there are close to 2500 suites in this hotel.

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